Governor frontrunner Gavin Newsom calls for a more business-friendly state


Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the early frontrunner to become California’s next governor, may be best known for championing liberal causes — including gay marriage and legal recreational pot — but a central message during an Orange County stop Wednesday was the need for the state to become more business-friendly.

Newsom emphasized regulatory struggles he encountered while launching a San Francisco wine shop in 1992. The company, PlumbJack, eventually expanded to include wineries and restaurants. He said regulations need to be streamlined and steps need to be taken to reduce frivolous environmental lawsuits. He also mentioned Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida as places he’s looked to for ideas that might make California more hospitable to business.

“I don’t think — particularly in my party — we do that enough,” the Democrat told about 100 people gathered at the event, which was sponsored by the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and held at Cal State Fullerton’s Irvine campus.

While he criticized his own party, Newsom took a far more vicious shot at the Republican Party.


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